The Dr. Bill H. Weld Memorial Page - Learn about Nano Domestic Quell & his legacy.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Learn about Dr. Bill H. Weld's incredible story, as he blows the lid off a top secret government operation to put nano particle "kill switch" devices in our food and water supply, and reveals the secret DoD documents that prove it.

Dr. Weld, his family, Rev. Michelle Hopkins, Dave "Super Bowl" Musgraber and many others were ruthlessly attacked and threatened for releasing this information.

The full story still hasn't been told, but this memorial will help give you a start on where this rabbit hole leads.

How It Began

In August, 2013, a man by the name of Dr. Bill Weld appeared on YouTube by releasing the above video that detailed a purported planned crash of the stock market to coincide with a roll-out of "Martial Law". Dr. Weld's compelling and riveting story was drawn from his many inside sources within our government acquired from his long career as a doctor and lawyer.

The videos were slowly noticed by people within the "truth community" and began to gain more traction and attention. Dr. Weld began to post more videos with more details. It became obvious this was someone people needed to listen to.

Who Is Dr. Weld?

While my role in this story did not come until later, I have been able to recover Dr. Weld's original profile on LinkedIn before it was deleted. As you will soon find out, most of Dr. Weld's information has been deleted or "scraped" from the Internet. While in mid-2013 there were still sources, records and yellow page listings indicating the Las Vegas lawyer's location and law practice, all of those sources began to disappear as his story became more publicly known. 

Here is his original profile:

Dr. Weld on LinkedIn

William Holden Weld was born at St. Luke's Hospital, in Kansas City, Missouri, on September 7th, 1941, to Matilda Lynn Lewiston (1891-1974) and John William Kirkland (1884-1952). His early childhood was spent throughout Kansas, as his father, John, sold farm equipment for John Deere, while his mother, Matilda, was a homemaker and raised Bill's four other siblings, James (1934-1978), John Jr (1938-2004), Joseph (1940-2001) and Lynn (1945-).

Bill attended high school primarily at Topeka High School, in Topeka, Kansas, though the family moved frequently. His dream was always to become a doctor. Despite the family's meager means, Bill maintained excellent grades and his parents promised they would do their best to help him finance his education. He received a number of scholarships and was accepted into Duke University in 1960. He completed a Bachelor's degree in Biology, magna cum laude, and began medical school at Duke University School of Medicine in 1964. He entered the Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program in 1965.

After a decade as a practicing surgeon of high distinction at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Dr. Weld returned to school to pursue a law degree. He describes his interest in law as having "awoken" during the Vietnam era, "I wanted to practice law, because I saw a great need for social justice. I wanted to help in ways I could not as a doctor." Dr. Weld returned to Duke University and completed his law degree in 1983. After practicing law in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Clemson, South Carolina, Dr. Weld moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to open his own practice.

During his tenure at The Law Offices of Bill H. Weld & Associates, Dr. Weld committed a great deal of his time to charitable pursuits. His second home, in a remote part of the Great Smoky Mountains in northern Georgia, was home to a half-way house for troubled teens, managed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

His Allegations Go Viral Across YouTube

By mid-October, Dr. Weld had released a half-dozen videos that were being copied and spread far and wide across YouTube. His "inside sources" had given terrifying classified documents to him revealing a secret government program called "Nano Domestic Quell". 

The program was designed by our military and The Defense Department as a way of placing "nano devices" in the food and water supply to infect the general population. These devices are harmless until activated. With the population inflected, our military can now "activate" these devices and create what appears to be a serious "flu outbreak". In reality, it's the nano devices within all of us that is producing flu-like symptoms with a death rate near 98%. 

It was designed as a "fool proof" way to "quell" domestic uprisings, unrest and potential attempts at statehood succession from the union as our economy continues to crumble.

These are the documents released by Dr. Weld

The documents were explosive in content and appeared to be real. Immediately upon their release on Dr. Weld's blog, the documents were altered and a misspelling was added ("Assistant" became "Assisstant" on the main document front page, as seen above). This forged document was then disseminated by CIA and NSA shills to discredit the documents. YouTube videos were made pointing out the misspelling as "evidence" the documents were "fake", even though the misspelling had been added later by third parties and was not in the documents released originally by Dr. Weld. 

While the original documents have long since been removed, this link on a French website shows the altered version in high resolution. You can still read about our government's terrifying program to put nano devices in our food and water to infect us (see the last section of this page for brand new info on Nano Domestic Quell).

The Attacks Begin

Dr. Weld and his family received numerous threats to his life over the Internet and by way of anonymous phone calls. Some of those calls were recorded and Dr. Weld played them in his videos. Dozens upon dozens of YouTube videos were made by CIA and NSA shills attacking Dr. Weld and threatening his life (to see who these people are, simply search YouTube for "bill h weld" and you will see countless accounts that have attacked Dr. Weld and myself with erroneous lies and allegations). Many called him a liar. Others produced videos using advanced techniques to alter Dr. Weld's videos and insert "mistakes" into them to discredit him. These techniques are used by government agents using software far more advanced than Photoshop to alter content on the Internet. 

Most of their claims were absurd and outlandish, but often backed by seemingly convincing "evidence". They claimed the photos of Dr. Weld were "lifted" from a dating website of someone else. They claimed a different set of photos belonging to a lawyer in Florida were used previously on Dr. Weld's sites as his official photo. They claimed Dr. Weld released a video purporting to show his son's injured arm but instead the photo was from someone else (this was done by his webmaster, who we learned later was working against Dr. Weld to sabotage him, more on that below). 

It later became apparent the entire campaign to attack Dr. Weld was being conducted by intelligence agencies using advanced techniques to "alter" Internet "evidence", such as changing information in the Wayback Machine, an Internet archive, and even altering YouTube accounts. 

Hundreds of YouTube videos were produced attacking Dr. Weld

Dr. Weld, along with the help of his son, Bill Weld Jr. and his webmaster, a man only known as "Chris", combated the allegations and produced their own videos explaining how and why they were being attacked. These videos are still available online for now, though they have been removed and deleted twice by Youtube. This did not stop dozens of suspicious YouTube channels from releasing dozens of hate-filled videos attacking Dr. Weld.

How I Got Involved

The campaign to discredit Dr. Weld started to lose traction, so a new ploy was unveiled to discredit the good doctor once and for all. Due to my involvement in my efforts to expose snake-oil Christian pastor Joel Osteen, I had been a controversial media figure earlier in 2013. The media had said I "hoaxed" Joel Osteen, which made no sense, but that's par for the course for our sensationalistic news media. I was the perfect candidate to connect to Dr. Weld and use to discredit him. 

A number of paid shills began to circulate fake "records" showing I was somehow connected to Dr. Weld through his websites. Since Dr. Weld had not yet appeared on camera, physical evidence that he was real had been lacking (he appeared to have very little Internet knowledge and seemed to have trouble even uploading his videos at times). The perfect ploy to discredit the doctor was to erroneously connect him to me, with the absurd claim that I was Dr. Weld.

I wondered why this would be done, since Dr. Weld could appear on camera at any time and dispel any notion we were somehow the same person. That's when I realized there was a plan in place to get rid of Dr. Weld completely and quickly before he had a chance to even appear on camera. I began to realize his life and those of his family were at grave risk, and so was mine.

The first part of this plan involved his webmaster, Chris, who would have been the obvious person to help set up a webcam for Dr. Weld and get him on camera. Within weeks, it became clear to outside observers "Chris" was working against Dr. Weld and distorting his message. Since the Dr. was 72 years old at the time and suffering from kidney failure, his ability to deal with the onslaught of threats and erroneous criticism was limited. He had left most of that up to Chris to handle. 

At this point, after Dr. Weld's own radio appearance, his son, Bill Weld Jr., became involved and also made an appearance on the radio defending his father. Within days, his son and his daughter, Grace, both developed a mysterious skin illness that put them in the hospital. This was documented throughout a couple of Dr. Weld's videos, as the panic and worry in his voice had become more palpable in seeing his family hurt.

Meet the Shills

Montagraph is a YouTube shill who led the most aggressive attacks, and made open bodily threats of harm against myself and my girlfriend: 

Known YouTube shill Montagraph

It appeared Dr. Weld was being attacked from all sides. His family was under duress, and his webmaster was acting very strange; he was disappearing at times, absent when needed, yet still uploading odd videos to Dr. Weld's account, such as one that claimed Weld-defender and supporter Rev. Michelle Hopkins was a "liar". This video was later taken down with the help of Dr. Weld's daughter, Grace. 

By this time, numerous videos had been produced linking me to Dr. Weld by shills like Montagraph, Chrissy Sumer and a YouTuber named "xombiekiller" (who has since called out Montagraph as being a shill and turned against him). I was living in North Dakota at the time with my girlfriend, Brittany. We observed this spectacle from afar, until it became apparent I had to say something. I wrote Dr. Weld at his email address and began communicating with him. He seemed distressed and in poor health. He was struggling with trying to keep his family together and safe, while it also seemed friends and people around him could "no longer be trusted", as he told me. 

We decided we needed to do something, so I asked him to set up a webcam. He told me he went to Wal-Mart and bought one and had no idea how to set it up, and when he asked his webmaster, Chris, to help him, he told me, "Chris blew up, went nuts with me on the phone, saying I shouldn't be talking to you." Chris was no help. I asked if he could get his daughter to help, but she was out of town at the time. He simply had no idea how to set up the webcam. I don't blame him, as they can be difficult to get working correctly. 

I decided to arrange to have him call me and have the conversation recorded. The video of us talking on the phone is available here. This prompted many of those who had bought the lies from the CIA and NSA shills to question the campaign to discredit Dr. Weld, especially since I sound nothing like Dr. Weld! Many comments, like this one below, began to pepper YouTube channels attacking Dr. Weld:

The Death Of Bill Weld Jr. 

As all of this was happening, Bill Weld Jr.'s health had continued to deteriorate. The skin infection was so severe an uncontrolled inflammation response had threatened his survival. At the time, Dr. Weld wrote me the following message:
"I don't think my son is going to make it. They did something to him. For whatever reason, I feel like no one is helping. No one is coming to our aid. I have family members that are saying I'm crazy. They are distancing themselves from us. I'm scared."

Bill Jr. passed away on October 30th, 2013. 

Dr. Weld's daughter, with my help and direction, helped put up a memorial video and this post announcing it. The announcement of his passing produced, yet again, another round of vicious YouTube videos attacking myself and Dr. Weld's family. The response was ugly and cruel, in light of the tragedy of his son's death.

How His Web Properties Were Handed Over To Me

During my communication with Dr. Weld, it became apparent not the doctor, nor his son, daughter or anyone close to him, hand any knowledge of the Internet or how to run a website. Dr. Weld's blog (this one) and his YouTube channel were poorly managed by Chris and open to hacking and attacks. I advised Dr. Weld to immediately get help from someone, anyone. However, he insisted his webmaster, Chris, could handle all of it and he seemed to still trust him. I reminded Dr. Weld that Chris had sabotaged him already at least once by posting a ridiculous and fake video attacking Rev. Michelle Hopkins, and that Chris always seemed to be missing or absent when he was needed.

At this point, Dr. Weld suggested that I could take over the operation of his blog (, hence the name of this blog), Facebook and YouTube account. He had come to trust me, and I knew my way around the Internet enough that I knew I could keep his accounts safe and shut out the hackers that were trying to get into them (his YouTube account was attacked daily, and at least once the passwords and usernames were obtained by a hacker and Dr. Weld lost access to the account. I was able to help him recover it. These attacks have also occurred while I have been overseeing the accounts). 

The transition of moving the accounts began in November and into December. I was able to change the passwords before Chris could do anything to stop me. During this time, the attacks and threats had ratcheted up to their highest level yet. While this was never revealed at the time, Dr. Weld told me he would be leaving the country and going to South America. I was to take over the accounts and "admit" it was all a hoax, to help protect his family and hopefully dissuade the government shills from continuing their attacks.

It seemed to work. I took over the accounts, posted a "mea cupla" and "admitted" I was Dr. Weld (as absurd as that is). The shills went crazy anyway, attacking me, producing a volley of new videos. But after that, the story quietly went away.

The Aftermath

Bobby Powell led aggressive YouTube attacks against us

It's my feeling that behind the scenes, someone -- whoever it was behind the attacks (the NSA/CIA, most likely) -- decided with Dr. Weld having left the country, and with the phony evidence linking me to Dr. Weld, the story had been adequately "discredited" enough that Nano Domestic Quell wouldn't ever be taken seriously by anyone again. 

Enough damage had been done that no one would likely believe it, despite the fact it's one of our government's biggest secrets. That's why I think so many videos were produced, so much "noise" was created, so much misdirection and so many threats were made. They wanted to shut Dr. Weld up, which they ultimately did, and create phony evidence linking me to Dr. Weld to discredit him.

They killed his son, and I believe they would have killed him as well, if the good doctor had continued to post videos, or if he had gone to the media in time.

What they probably didn't plan on was that I would take over his accounts and retain access to all of the videos and evidence. They probably didn't count on the fact I would take up Dr. Weld's cause and fight for him.

So, to recap, I had "admitted" the "hoax". Dr. Weld was gone. Everything quieted down. His family was in hiding. His son had been attacked with some kind of biological agent and he was dead. "Chris", the webmaster, had completely vanished by December. The "shills" who had produced so many videos and levied so many threats moved on to other things.

Whoever was "behind the scenes" seemed content the story had died out.

The last I heard from Dr. Weld was via an email he sent in February. It was short and to the point. He seemed to not want to reveal too much information to me, except to say he was safe and his family was doing OK. He told me to wait a few more months before I began telling the story of what happened to him and everything else. So, I have waited, until now, as I believe it is time the truth came out.

New Information Revealed

I want to share something Dr. Weld sent me when I first started emailing him. He told me these were notes he took during a phone conversation with one of his sources in Washington D.C.

This is the first time this has ever been seen:

classified documents have been given to me i am scared to death

nano devices

receivers placed on cell towers, used drones

fail safe

used during martial law

'couple grains of sand'

'opque color'

'not noticable in bottled water'

'placed after filtration'

contains a drug substance, a few molecules, that will kill you in an average of ten or twelve days with extreme flu-like symptoms, no trace left, will look like you just died from the flu, leaves a flu virus signatre but is not the flu, activates flu virus antibodies, which will lead public to believe there may have been a flu outbreak and nothing more.

developd by DARPA deployed on a limited basis in 2002 at two test regions, one in utah, another in west virgina. test trials resulted in isolated flu outbreaks that caused no concern and barely made the news, but proved the system could work almost flawlessly.

an estimated 87% of the us population is inflected with one of these devices. DoD expects a 98% infection rate by 2014.

three stage level of coverage of transmitters stage one uses AM radio towers, stage 2 uses cell, stage three uses small transmiters placed strategically by the DoD around the US that coverage small areas about the size of a half a nieghborhood block. Drones are used for pinpoint targetng of individuals or small groups. thats why drones are so important to them.

classifed white paper appeared in 1995 speculating on the effectiveness of nanobots used to 'diffuse' political uprisings, terrorist cells and domestic disturbances and revolts.

research proved fruitful, the size of the devices and their operation were tested and proven to be effective on an extremely 'nano' sized scale, making them nearly undetectable.

small nano microprocesor, a carbon exterior one atom in thickness protects the interior electronics.

99.999998% effectiveness, 98% result of death, 2% of near-death but recovery

'looks like you are dying from the flu'


'impossible to remove from the human body'

'developed at los alamos labratory'

'process of recovery unknown, but likely due to microchip malfunction or unknown body process which dectivates nano device'

'does something to the brain to induce an uncontrlled inflamation process which mimics flu symptoms, specifically relating to lung failure due to excess fluid production by the body -- also has a secondary effect of inducing additional infection, which was determined to have brought death rate effectveness from 95% to 98%. will be used in the future at a specific planned date and time. i was told they are waiting for the 'right time'.

Time will only tell when our government plans to release this horrifying plague upon humanity, but one thing is certain: we are helpless to save ourselves or stop it. If we had needed Dr. Weld's warnings, maybe we would have had a chance, but now it's probably too late.

God bless,


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